Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Nirkoda?
Nirkoda is a non profit community organisation owned by all its members.
How do I become a member?
There are two types of members: probationary members and full members. To become a probationary member all you need to do is complete an application form and pay the $20 membership fee. After 12 months the Committee will consider each probationary member and will usually make them a full member if they have been attending classes on a regular basis. The only difference between a probationary member and a full member is that a probationary member does not have voting rights and is not entitled to stand for election.
What are the advantages of membership of Nirkoda?
In addition to voting rights (explained above) members are entitled to discounts on attendance at regular classes, workshops, parties and camps. You will also receive our regular informative newsletter.
How much do the classes cost?
Attendance at regular classes is $10 per member and $12 for non-members. There is a special package for new beginners – see the classes page. Members may also purchase the Nirkoda Card – 12 sessions for $115. The Nirkoda card can be used at all classes.