Committee for the current year

The Nirkoda Committee of Management has the following members. They are listed below with their allotted area of responsibility.

If you would like to contact the committee by email, please contact them by clicking here.

Annette Bagle – President
Responsible for overall club management

Annette came to Israeli dancing in 2001 after years of being nagged by a friend who thought she might like it. Like it? She loved it! Having spent years running away from gyms and anything that involved leotards or bathers, she literally began running towards as many dance opportunities as presented themselves. She now dances three times a week for the fabulous exercise, the beautiful music and the emotional relief it gives from the stresses of daily life..

Natalie Taft – Vice President

Inspired by her daughters impending Bat Mitzvah in 2005, Natalie started circle dancing with Nirkoda and after a few years partner dancing, she has been hooked ever since. She dances 3-4 times a week and knows that she is truly addicted as she often finds herself thinking about the music and the steps in her free time! She looks forward to continuing as Vice President on the Nirkoda committee.

Denise Setton – Secretary
– mobile 0418 516 784

My involvement in this marvellous club has lasted more than 10 years. My current role as secretary is to assist the club to grow in the future. Dancing is my sport and my passion!

Jack Ginger – Treasurer

I am passionate about Israeli dancing and I dance 3 times a week, circles and partners. It’s good for the body and the mind. I have developed wonderful friendships through Nirkoda.

Denise Borghi – Teachers Representative
– mobile 0450 926 303

Denise started dancing in 1989 when she joined some of her friends at an intermediate class. Within weeks she wanted to learn every dance she saw and had a year of dancing 3-4 times per week to build up her repertoire. With her appetite quenched and wanting to be recognisable to her family she cut back to twice a week! She has been teaching since 1997 and with her husband Walter since 2012 for partner dances. It is a dream come true to share her Israeli dancing with him.

Hillary Herson Macmull – General Committee

Hillary started new beginner partner dancing in March 2004 with Ilana and Rosie as her teachers, and immediately ventured into the beginner circle dancing. She got the Israeli Dancing bug into her system and now attends four dance sessions a week. Hillary is a dedicated committee member.

Naomi Rassaby – General Committee

I am happy to be on the committee because it gives me an opportunity to contribute to Nirkoda, where I dance 3 times a week. It’s a fabulous club, everyone is friendly and the teachers are wonderful.

Helen Kalbstein – General Committee

Helen began Israeli dancing many years ago in her mid 30s and her passion for Israeli dance has continued ever since. She has loved dancing both circles and partners over the years. She was invited to join the committee this year and is enjoying being part of this very friendly and happy team at Nirkoda.