About Nirkoda

The Nirkoda Israeli Folk Dancing Club was founded in November 1988 and is a not-for-profit organisation.

Nirkoda has classes that cater for all dancers and of all ages. We offer opportunities for NEW Beginners to attend the Thursday morning and evening classes and the Saturday afternoon class for the first hour, as well as our already established classes for Beginners to Low Intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced dancers. We have a Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Partner class on Sunday evening that always welcomes more experienced dancers.

There is literally something for EVERYBODY at Nirkoda! All our teachers are devoted, patient, caring and very experienced. They have over 100 years in combined teaching experience. Our classes have long held a reputation for being the most fun and the friendliest. And our repertoire is second to none, as many of our dedicated dancers attest. Why don’t you come and see for yourself? The first session is free.

Our Club has a Committee of Management that deals with day-to-day matters as well long term goals and short-term objectives to make our Club a wonderful experience for all our Members. The committee comprises 7 delegates.

We have a high participation in our many special events. Enjoy your tour through our Web site. We hope to welcome you soon to our classes or next function.