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Welcome to Nirkoda Israeli Folk Dancing Club
Melbourne, Australia.

The Nirkoda Israeli Folk Dancing Club was founded in November 1988 and is a not-for-profit organisation. Nirkoda has a well deserved reputation as the friendly club and our structured, professional classes provide a complete venue from beginners to advanced. Click on any of the links to the left for more information.

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Dancing can reverse the signs of ageing in the brain.

For more information see this interesting article in Science Daily.

Rikud OZ 2018

Rikud OZ 2018 Group

Dances taught at Rikid OZ 2018
Title Choreographer Genre
Afilu She'ahavti Yaron Ben Simchon Partner
Anachnu Po Michael Barzelai Circle
Aneim Zmirot Yaron Ben Simchon Circle
Bachur Chadash Yaron Ben Simchon Circle
Beit Hamarzeach Avi Levy Circle
Bi Yadati Avi Levy Circle
Caramela (Karmela) Yaron Ben Simchon & Avi LevyPartner/Line
Chagiga Be'Israel Yaron Ben Simchon Circle
Culpa (Échame La Culpa)Hadar Jibli Line
Kol Paaminim Chen Blum Circle
Kos Shel Yayin Avi Levy Partner
Lilian Besaracasti Yaron Ben Simchon Partner
Malkat Hacharuzim Avi Levy Partner
Mi Yatzil Otanu Avi Levy Circle
Mila Shel Gever Yaron Ben Simchon Circle
Od Ktzat Avi Levy Partner
Palavra Avi Levy Partner
Rak Haketzev Medaber Avi Levy Circle Click here if you wish to purchase Israeli Dance music or videos from the Rokdim catalogue. Visit for everything you need to know about Israeli Folk Dancing both in Australia and around the world.